The Prize for Innovative Ideas to promote Ethics in Finance

The Robin Cosgrove Prize promotes greater awareness among young people throughout the world of the benefits of ethics in finance, and encourages good-quality management of banking and finance based on trust and integrity, especially in emerging markets.
The competition for the Robin Cosgrove Prize invites young professionals and academics under 35 years of age to submit written papers setting out innovative and creative ideas to promote ethics in finance.

This prize honours the vision of Robin Cosgrove (1972-2004), an investment banker who died at age 31. He believed passionately that a major barrier to economic development was the lack of integrity and ethical practice in banking and finance.

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Ehics in Finance Robin Cosgrove Prize

How to participate

The prize is aimed at young people under 35 years of age.

Candidates are invited to submit written papers that have not been published previously. Papers (maximum of 5,000 words or 30,000 characters, including annexes) may be analytical, or else offer proposals for practical projects. In all cases, they should meet three criteria:

  • intellectual rigour
  • innovative ideas
  • clear conclusions

Papers may be submitted in English or French for the global edition, and Spanish or Portuguese for the Ibero-American edition.

Competition rules and entry forms will only be sent to candidates that let the secretariat know they are interested in competing.

An international jury of prominent experts in finance and ethics will declare one or more prize winners and allocate the sum of USD 20,000 between them.