The ceremony will be hosted by the OECD and take place at the headquarters in Paris on Monday 18th. November 2019 (17h30-19h30), followed by a cocktail, with a keynote address by Ángel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD.

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Indeed, the Jury of the Prize has just finished his work, by selecting the winners of this 7th. Edition, out of the list of eleven essays. The winners will be publicly announced at the ceremony.

The nominees of this 7th edition are:

  • “Conduct Capital Buffer” by Mrs Monika Swaczyna-Pruchnik
  • “Ethical Aspects of Bank Resolution” by Mr Aleksander Kowalski
  • “Finance needs ‘bilinguals’ too” by Mr Andrea Roncella & Mr Luca Roncella
  • “How to Shape Moral Attitudes in the Polish Banking Sector” by Mr Mateusz Kucz
  • “It’s what you know: The effects of product complexity on ethical behavior” by Mr Adam Morris
  • “Proposal for the introduction of a central ratings index for ethics and trust in finance” by Mr Colin Sweetman
  • “Seeing through the code of ethics and measuring corporate culture” by Mr Matthew Wharton
  • “Technomoral Financial Agents: The Future of Ethics in the Fintech Era” by Mrs Marta Rocchi
  • “The Assassins Veto and Blood-Stained Opacity” by Mr Christopher Stubbs
  • “The Moralization of Contracts : An Islamic Perspective Towards the Matter of Ethics and Trust in Finance” by Mr Andrea Bancone
  • “Voting With Your Wallet” by Mr Mikael Homanen