The ETHICS IN FINANCE – ROBIN COSGROVE PRIZE for 2014-2015 launched in London yesterday at ACCA Global.

The global Prize aims to promote greater awareness of the importance of ethics in finance among young people with an interest in accountancy, banking and financial services. This is the fifth edition of the Prize, originally launched in 2006, well before the topic of “ethics in finance” became fashionable. The global financial crisis has since shown the relevance of the theme and the significance of the Prize.
The Prize for Innovative Ideas for Ethics in Finance is open to young people, aged 35 years or younger, from throughout the world. The goal is to promote the vision of Robin, an investment banker working in London who died tragically young, aged 31, who believed there was an ethical deficit in the finance sector which would ultimately destroy peoples’ trust. The competition invites creative papers setting out analyses or proposals for innovative ways to promote ethics in finance. The Prize for 2014-2015 is supported by the CFA Institute and ACCA Global.

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Past winners of the Prize include brilliant young people from Australia, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain and USA. The best papers submitted for the Prize are published in FINANCE & THE COMMON GOOD/BIEN COMMUN and may be found online on the website,

The financial management of the Prize is under the supervision of the Observatoire de la Finance/International Finance Observatory, which is a Swiss not-for-profit foundation based in Geneva. Working in cooperation with Dr Carol Cosgrove-Sacks, Robin’s mother and a former director in the United Nations in Geneva, it has set up a distinguished international Jury to evaluate the papers submitted for the Prize. The Jury will allocate the prize money of USD20, 000.
Papers are invited to address the subject of Innovative Ideas for Ethics in Finance. The papers must be submitted electronically by the deadline of midnight, 15 April 2015. Entries may be written in English or in French.
Applicants for the Prize should complete an Expression of Interest which can be found on the website.


The organisers would be pleased to link the Prize website to other sites that could be helpful in promoting awareness of ethics in finance and knowledge about the Prize as part of our global outreach programme – please contact us
Further details regarding the Prize, Robin’s vision, the international Jury, and the terms and conditions for submitting papers for the Prize will be found at the website.