Ethics & Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future

Global Prize, 8th Edition 2020 / 2021

Nominated Essays

The Virtuous Circle of Ethics and Sustainability

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Table of Contents

Mairead McGuinness  

The Virtuous Circle of Ethics and Sustainability  

Josina Kamerling, Paul H. Dembinski

Values and Principles of the Jury  

Global Jury : Eighth Edition 2020/2021  


Part I : Issues in Sustainable Finance

  • Justice and Sustainability : Pricing in Physical Climate Risks  
    Julie E. Segal
  • Shades of Green: Ethics in Net-Zero Financial Transition  
    Kelley Anne Hamrick
  • The Ethics of Sustainable Investing  
    Alina Mika
  • Service to Others in Banking and Financial Services : Call to Action
    Mohamed Ahmed Shallo & Noah Sesi Nzuki


Part II : Ethical Dimensions of Credit and Debt

  • Asymmetrical Access to Capital : Why Ethics Matters  
    Andrea Longton
  • Lenders as Monitors of Risk Devolution  
    Martin Lockman
  • Ethical Pathways to Reduce Africa’s Sovereign Debt  
    Anazuo Saadat Salihu
  • Debt Cap Rules and Ethics: Balancing Stability and Inclusion  
    Bálint Dancsik


Part III : Ethics Embedded in Institutions

  • The European Central Bank and the Future of Ethical Debt Market  
    Joanna Anita Pękala
  • Financial Market Infrastructures, a case of “ethics without ethics”  
    Louis de Diesbach
  • Bank Secrecy at an Ethical Crossroads  
    Brian Collins Ocen
  • Ethics and Trust in Virtual Currencies  
    Bessie O’Dell

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